“My husband, Kyle and I own two businesses in Evansville and have, on occasion, needed legal counsel. We found Shannon Law Office to be responsive to our needs, professional and discrete. Walter guided us in collection and lien rights issues for our construction business and estate/title issues for our real estate office. In each instance, our minds were immediately put at ease.

Walter once let me tag along with him to a Sheriff’s Sale in order that I might learn from a legal process.   This was very helpful.  He also recently donated time to train our real estate agents in current issues affecting sales transactions.

We’ve enjoyed getting to know Walter and his staff on a personal level as well when we’ve jointly been involved in area civic events.  The Shannon Law Office staff give of themselves for the betterment of Evansville, truly defining community.”

– Lori and Kyle


“The legal world can be a scary place! Most of our clients feel intimidated at the first mention of meeting with an attorney. Sorting out and solving personal or business legal issues is complicated and often tricky business. Clients express to us that they want an attorney they can truly feel comfortable with. They want to talk in layman’s terms and with someone that can explain the legal jargon in a way that makes sense.

We have had the opportunity to refer many of our clients to your office. The feedback we have received has been outstanding! Whether your assistance was needed to prepare a will, draft a trust or navigate a more complex issue, our clients appreciate your professional, prompt, courteous down to earth approach.

Specifically, we would like to thank you for your recent help with one of our clients who lost family members in an accident with a drunk driver. Times like these are challenging to say the least. Our client personally thanked us for recommending you. They feel relieved to know that your involvement has been the catalyst for progress!”

– Jeffrey


“I would like to thank you and your entire staff for the wonderful job you did in handling the legal contracts for my company.  It was great working with you and I will definitely recommend you to any family or friend that is in need of a good lawyer either for handling legal representation for their businesses or for any personal issue. Thanks again and may success continue to be yours.”

– Milly



“I have had the pleasure of working with Attorney Shannon for the past four years.   During this time he has assisted several of my customers that needed advice, alterations or additional information regarding their living trusts.  My customers have been pleased with Attorney Shannon’s quick and efficient help and also found his services to be affordable.  I have no hesitation sending customers to Attorney Shannon, I know he will take good care of them professionally yet with a personal touch.
Sincerely submitted.”

– Jane



“I want to express our appreciation for your recent legal services to us in a number of endeavors including some collection activities, guardianship proceedings, real estate acquisitions, and other corporate matters. We also want to acknowledge your invaluable assistance in the complete revision of our Articles of Incorporation and Corporate Bylaws, including the expansion of the issuance of stock to our shareholders, which I know was extremely complicated and involved.

It is nice to know that I can also confidently refer clients and staff to you for counsel and advice regarding matters of estate planning, advance directives, and similar matters and we have very much appreciated your educational expertise provided during instructional meetings with our staff and such issues.

We are extremely grateful for your expertise and advice in a number of issues that occur during the course of our operations as well as that which is needed relative to the above. Please feel free to use us as a reference to potential clients or to refer them to me personally if I can be of any assistance to them.”

– Clifford



“I have not yet written my thank you note to you and your staff, I think everything is done, but as you said… letting it sit for awhile is good to do.  My very favorite part of working with you was your patience and compassion towards my dearest uncle during a time in his elderly life that he could not hear well. You respected his being, his humanism as he aged.  Eddie knew you well, was able to confide in you and trusted that he could discuss matters which would help his estate planning.

Walter, if I never told you this, I say it now.  Both Vern and I feel that you work with much professionalism as well as an understanding of the human spirit in times of legal needs.  You and your staff were always available even though we lived 200 miles away.  During Eddie’s last year, you made the difference in his confidence level, and mine as together we helped this man through the end of his life.

We know that we will turn to you again whenever there is a time that legal help is needed.  Our trust and confidence in you is of the highest degree.”   

– Jeanne



“I often get into conversations with clients about preplanning arrangements and I often refer them to Shannon Law Office for will preparation and trust issues.  I feel that the confidence they have in me carries over quite nicely with the type of services extended to them from the firm.”

– Jeff


“Our bank has engaged the Shannon Law Office for our legal needs almost exclusively for the past two years. We have found them to be personable, communicative, efficient and timely in their actions on our behalf. We have used them for collections and estate planning and trusts. The firm has experienced and knowledgeable staff in both areas. I have used the firm to make some changes to my personal estate plan. I wholeheartedly recommend the Shannon Law Office.”

– Christopher


“I wanted to take a moment to thank you for assisting our family with various legal matters. When it came time to choose an attorney the most important characteristic for us to consider was trust.

I have known you personally for a very long time and I knew I could trust you with any of our legal matters. Your demeanor was always professional and very friendly. But what impressed us the most was you actually took the time to listen to our needs. Thanks Walter for your assistance. You are a man of great integrity!”

– Rick & Cathy


“Dear Walter:

Thank you so much for speaking at our Adult Seminar this morning.  Your presentation was excellent, informative and clear.  I can see why you wanted to use the electronic presentation –what a wonderful tool.  You were so well prepared to respond to our questions and even answer questions we weren’t asking (but should have been).

You have a gift of explaining complex information in a relaxed clear manner which puts all of us non-legal people at ease.  Thank you for sharing your talents and expertise with us.”

– Thea



“Walter of Shannon Law Office has provided us with consistent & reliable services for over 6 years. His deep knowledge of small businesses & their legal needs has been invaluable throughout our time together. We highly recommend Walter for attorney services.”

– John



“Walter is an attorney who truly cares about the client. Treats you more like a partner than someone who is just paying the bills. Great results, timely, and a very caring person. An attorney you can trust!”

– Rick



Dear Walter:

Thank you for your presentation this past Sunday.  It was excellent and very informative! A great learning opportunity for our parish members. Thanks again for your time and energy putting this together.

– Linda


“Wally and his team were outstanding.

Extremely knowledgeable about setting up the necessities of a special needs trust and easy to work with.

Thank you for making a difficult subject seem easier to understand.”

– Holly



Wally and his team were the best! Helping set a plan for my family. Knowledgeable, Caring and made a difficult task easy to accomplish. Hats Off to you all!!!

Thank you.

– Wenda



Wonderful staff, highly recommend!

Rhonda is great for taxes!

– Amanda



“I have been wanting to thank you in some way for the great professional services you have provided me. You helped me with my estate planning, and post marital contracts, formed my LLC, not to mention being instrumental/inspirational in coming up with that awesome and sentimental name, “Peachy Pie Properties.” You guided me through the purchase of my dream home, “The William and Thea Brunsell House.” I came in one time giving you just moments notice to review contractor proposals, and you steered me into saving thousands of dollars, that is, NO JOKE. You and your staff put clients first. Not everyone can be one of a kind, but, you and your staff are. You provide smart legal counsel, education, options, and of course protection. It is clear that you and your friendly, caring, and accommodating staff are passionate about what you do for clients. Shannon Law took intimidating situations for me and turned them into my personal accomplishments. I am fortunate to have found such an incredible team. You guys are the best.”

– Stephanie



For years we have known it was time to work on a trust for our estate planning. And for years we had resisted.

Our expectations were this was going to be a huge hassle, huge time drain, and an overwhelming immersion into mind-numbing “legal beagle lawyer speak”! In reality, the opposite was true. Wally and his team walked us through the process in a professional, orderly manner, presented in “civilian” speak, making sure we understood the complicated process.

In three short meetings, the process was completed and we left knowing this has been done right and any future changes will be handled accurately and in a timely fashion!

Thanks again to Wally and his gang!

– Randal and Kimberly